Fixing nd (not draining) issue

Paying my dues to engineering degree?

Posted by Kaushik Raj on November 22, 2015

From time to time, I enjoy fixing issues that requires me to come out of my comfort zone.

My washing machine broke down on Thursday. It's a front load Samsung washing machine. The machine broke down with "nd" error code. The error code means - water from the washing machine is "not draining". When Samsung washing machine errors out with "nd" code, it will lock the front door and will not open till the waster has been drained.

For "nd" code, the washing machine's manual instructions was simple - call the 800 number. Samsung service was not much of use. They simply redirected me to an authorized service center. As it turns out, they are busy. The authorized service center didn't have any appointments for the next 3 weeks. Seriously?

I had to take matters in my hands, after all I am an engineer by training.

Opening the top and the back of the washing machine is easy. Draining water from the machine is not easy though. I had to scramble and find utensils which would fit inside the machine and collect water. I eventually managed to drain the machine but not before flooding the mud room with smelly dirty water.

Topless - A big drum inside
Water draining

Next step was to clean the hose and look for any debris that was blocking the flow of water. That hose was dirty and I found the culprit that was blocking the flow. It was a penny, the root cause of the "nd" issue.

Stuck in the hose
Culprit "not lucky" penny

After cleaning the hose, it was the time for giving the drain pump a bath.

Drain pump out
Clean as a whistle

After putting back the covers, it was time to test. I put the machine in spin cycle. The machine starts working again.

Putting back was quick
Hurray it works now!

After spending 3 hours, getting the floor all wet and dirty, the washing machine is working! Hurray! It's time to celebrate and do some more cleaning.

Wait What??? Not again.

Yes, the washing machine is still broken and water doesn't drain. It turns out the issue is not the penny stuck in hose but broken drain pump. I had to order the drain pump. Waiting for it to get delivered so that I can try to fix the machine again. Picture abhi baaki hai dost.