SB-Admin-2 with Flask-Admin

Now using Flask-Admin and is way more cooler.

Posted by Kaushik Raj on September 18, 2015

The new template is an improvement over the SB-Admin-2 in Python template. This template uses Flask-Admin and Flask-Login. Flask-Admin allows to represent all the pages as an admin index. Flask-Login helps with authentication.

Most of the UI controls have been made into macros (where it make sense). The macros get the data from a stub.



Clone the code from

    $virtaulenv env
    $source env/bin/activate
    $pip install -r requirements.txt

Optional step (to get the latest bower components).

    $bower install bower.json

Executing the sample


Load the URL (http://localhost:5000/) on browser. Use the credentials "john:doe" or "mary:jane" to login.